What We Do

Empowering the Third Gender: Our Actions Speak Louder

At Vrihnla Foundation, our dedication goes beyond words. We’re committed to catalyzing tangible change for the silent sufferings of the third gender community.

With the belief that action speaks louder than mere promises, we’ve forged a comprehensive approach to create real transformation in their lives.

Working Mechanism: A Catalyst for Change

We recognize the multifarious challenges that encircle our mission. However, these challenges fuel our unwavering determination to turn our vision into a concrete reality. Our goal is not only to bring about change but to become the driving force behind the transformation of eunuchs’ lives, ushering them into a world of empowerment, dignity, and pragmatic possibilities.

Transforming Lives, One Step at a Time

Join us in our journey of action – your participation, donations, and support are the driving forces behind our impactful initiatives. By collaborating with Vrihnla Foundation, you're not just contributing; you're becoming a cornerstone of positive transformation. Let's shape a better future together.

NGO Meetings for Progress

Regular meetings facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and strategic planning, propelling us towards meaningful change.


From general health camps to dedicated kinner health camps, we provide accessible healthcare services, promoting overall well-being.

Advocating HIV Awareness

Our educational initiatives dispel myths, promote safe practices, and raise awareness about HIV/AIDS to protect the health of the third gender community.

Education with Purpose

We provide specialized courses like lab technician training and paramedical courses that equip individuals with skills for stable careers and brighter futures.

Holistic Empowerment: Our Multi-Dimensional Approach

Fundamental Rights Advocacy

We stand as staunch advocates for safeguarding the fundamental rights of the third gender community, ensuring they receive the rights and protections guaranteed by the Constitution of India. This includes recognizing their identity as citizens and addressing their status as a marginalized section of society.

Educational Upliftment

Creating an inclusive educational environment is vital for empowering the third gender. Our vision encompasses the establishment of schools dedicated to eunuchs and their children, free from rejection and humiliation. We'll provide essential infrastructure, scholarships, and mid-day meals to instill confidence and encourage active participation. Educational workshops embedded within the curriculum will promote societal integration and empower their intellect

Employment opportunities

Despite a landmark judgment by the Supreme Court of India, much remains to be done in implementing employment reservations for eunuchs in educational institutions and the public sector. We're dedicated to ensuring the rightful execution of these provisions, which is pivotal in their journey to empowerment.

Comprehensive Health Initiatives

The health challenges faced by eunuchs are unique and intricate. From addressing hormonal complexities to battling sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS, their healthcare needs are distinct. We advocate for separate public facilities, ensure access to specialized healthcare, and strive for a healthier life for all age groups within the third gender community.

Let's Start Together

At Vrihnla Foundation, our mission to empower the third gender community is fueled by collective action. We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey. Your donations will fuel our initiatives, your time as a volunteer will amplify our impact, and your membership will strengthen our voice.

Together, we can break barriers, uplift lives, and create a more inclusive society. Join hands with us and let’s start together, making a lasting difference in the lives of those who deserve a brighter future. Your support is not just a contribution; it’s a commitment to change.

With you every step of the way

Our work at Vrihnla Foundation is driven by compassion and dedication. We're committed to turning words into action, creating a world where the third gender community can live a life of respect, empowerment, and possibility


Skill Set Enhancement

Skills are pathways to self-sufficiency and emotional fulfillment. Our initiatives offer a diverse range of vocational training programs, from stitching and tailoring to singing and musical instruments. These skills empower eunuchs to shed the weight of social exclusion and mental distress, leading enriched lives.


Financial Independence

By nurturing skill development and facilitating education, we create a foundation for fruitful employment. Achieving financial stability empowers the third gender to live with interdependence, free from degrading livelihoods.


Fostering inclusivity

Addressing social stigma, rejection, and exclusion fosters self-respect, protecting them from exploitation and vulnerabilities.