Not much research has been conducted thus far on this pressing issue in our society & that which exists is insufficient. Often, there isn’t even adequate awareness about what exactly constitutes the problem that gives rise to a third gender whether natural or otherwise. Apart from the natural causes such as birth defects, undeveloped or under-developed organs, development of mixed organs termed as intersexual, genetic &/or physical malformations; there are several other social, physiological, psychological & compelling reasons that are cited for the becoming of a third gender in our society. It is even said that there exist flesh trade mafias that forcibly convert victims of abduction into eunuchs & throw them open into the vulnerable market of flesh trade. Childhood traumatic experiences also lead to either willing or forced conversions & it is sometimes due to the confusion of gender identity that leads them into this direction. Thoroughly well-researched studies are very sparse & an authoritative research or an in-depth academic contribution is lacking at the moment. With an in-depth research, we at Vrihnla Foundation are sure that several outcomes in the form of solutions, suggestions and recommendations will come to the fore to be able to entirely revamp the status, situations and the current pitiable plight of the third gender.


At Vrihnla Foundation, we welcome researchers with a keen interest to research into this topic and will be willing to give grants &/or scholarships for the same.