Our Partners

A team that envisages a passionate zeal to bring about the upliftment of the third gender is what Vrihnla Foundation has conceived. With a modest start at Vrihnla Foundation committed towards the cause of the third gender, at the onset of our journey; we have partners in our team that seek to work together with us in this mission of ours.


The Centre for Chest Diseases that also functions under the auspices of Dr. Kailash Naath Gupta forms an active & a collaborative part of the team at Vrihnla Foundation.


Visage Analytics Pvt. Ltd. is also an appointed partner in this team at Vrihnla Foundation. Right from inception to the entire process of formation and taking the dream of Vrihnla Foundation ahead, Visage Analytica has been a benevolent partner in the planning and execution of activities at Vrihnla Foundation thus far.


As we tread ahead in our journey, we are sure to shake hands with more willing & enthusiastic partners who will work with us in this mission of ours. A team of dedicated individuals as appointed by Dr. Kailash Naath Gupta along with our Partners will forge this journey ahead.