Like the drizzles of fresh morning dew on the lap of fresh leaves in the forest, nature quintessentially creates magic in the myriad forms in which it exists. Different forms evolve in the lap of Mother Nature & humans are just one of the many wonder-struck creations of nature.


Amidst the two edges of shades; the black and the white, exist the dynamic variations among the human creations. Likewise, amidst the two philosophical creations of the Yin and the Yang; human civilizations across centuries have witnessed diversified forms of human identities with varied patterns of chosen expression. Those that still find the two edges of human identities as the two exact forms of existence, haven’t really delved deeper into the multitude of insightful peripheries covering the expanse of human existence. And, we at Vrihnla Foundation have delved into this territory of the multiplicity of shades that paint a human being’s life into the modern day human civilization that we all are a part of.


Engulfed with the myriad shades on the canvas of life, today, as we tread ahead into a global village; identity has its own critical role to play in our lives. An advancement in our civilization with the clear & emphatic recognition of the third gender in our society, we have made a welcome step in recognizing shades of human forms other than a mere classification as a man or a woman.


Human forms that identify themselves as a close knit weave & as a blend of both forms; the masculine & the feminine is one step towards identifying the different shades amidst the two edges; the Yin & the Yang.


While pursuing medical practice, we witness the pain of diversified crowds at a very close range. Though, as doctors & as a part of the medical fraternity, we have to be rocks & keep our sentiments aside while treating the diverse crowds, the clamped painful silence of the third gender has nevertheless a thunderous outreach.


The silent shriek of their pain pulled us into a calling that our soul directed us into committing for. And this is how a brainchild came into being; The Vrihnla Foundation.


At Vrihnla Foundation, we have committed towards enshrining a mould and a cast for the third gender that will help cater to this innately sensitive issue delicately yet with affirmed determination. We seek to be the firm shoulders for the cries of the third gender that have gone unattended for over decades now. Our team is composed of like-minded souls who come from different walks of life and have devoted our sentient selves for this sensitive cause.