“Medicine can treat the tangible human whereas compassion can heal the intangible human.” 

Dr. Kailash Naath Gupta

Feeling the pain of others and compassionately trying to heal them are two entirely separate dimensions of the same phenomenon. The former occurs with most but being empowered to bring about a change in the lives of others who are in pain is a rare occurrence. Often, these rarely occurring empowered & compassionate individuals are tagged as messiahs by those who receive their compassionate concern and help.


Bringing about a change in the lives of those who are the neglected cult of the society needs courage, conviction, compassion & determination.


Vrihnla Foundation has been blessed to be the brainchild of a medical luminary whose efforts stretches its wings to provide affordable medical treatment to the diverse factions of our society. With internationally acclaimed qualifications and a world-view perspective in the medical fraternity, we recite with pride that we have Dr. Kailash Naath Gupta as the Founder & Director of Vrihnla Foundation. To string pearls together of several years of medical practice along with well-researched insights about the ongoing advancements in the world of medical science, the pearl that shines the most in Dr. Kailash Naath Gupta’s expertise & experience is that of spiritual compassion.


Dr. Kailash Naath Gupta has earned the badge of one of the most revered medical practitioner in the medical fraternity. It is not just the long list of qualifications that sets his excellence apart from the rest but the depth & longevity of his experience makes him the persona he is today.

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.”


Dr. Kailash Naath Gupta practices medicine as an art of healing the ones in pain and compassionately endows it with a stroke of humanitarian empathy. A rare combination of practicalities with intense emotional quotient (EQ), Dr. Kailash Naath Gupta has challenged his spiritual compassion with one of the most pressing issues of today’s times; that of the third gender.